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Who is Ulwazi Energy Technologies

We are BEE level 1 company that specializes in the provision of electrical services, energy management and general electrical construction works.

Ulwazi Energy Technologies was established by a group of black African professionals with a great passion in advancing and powering the infrastructure that creates and delivers electrical energy to industry and the isolated communities in Sub Saharan Africa.

Our excellent service record spans the private sector, individuals, public sector as well as non profit organizations.

Organizational Culture

To maintain our vision of the future of South Africa and Ulwazi Energy Technologies'’ position in further development.

To maintain the respect of business, industry and key stakeholders in meeting the standards laid down by our different clients.

To preserve the stability of the company through effective management, personnel, honesty dealing with clients and suppliers alike.

Fostering social responsibility through engaging the community leaders and civic organizations in training and knowledge sharing as well as humanitarian assistance to needy causes.

Industry development in consultation with local government and institutions of higher learning in order to bridge gaps between company policies, national regulations and legislations in order to revolutionize the way business is done and actual transformations on the floor of different work places.

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