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Electrical Contracting, Maintenance & Inspection

We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to the following; electrical works, compliance certificates, energy management, backup power ( Generators & UPS)

Electrical Prepaid Meters

We offer tailor made metering solutions to enable tenants to by prepaid electricityPrepaid electricity can be installed for rooms, cottages, flats, Wendy houses.

Led Lighting

The increased cost of electricity has seen companies and individuals struggling to enjoy comfortable lighting hence the introduction of cost saving lighting solutions through exploiting LED technologies

Customer Support

We Offer the best support that we can give to our customers nomatter what time of the day

Our Story

Founded in 2012 to offer unmatched high quality services in the electrical energy services and development secto, with more emphasis on green energy!

Our V ision

To champion the adoption and exploitation of renewable sources of electrical ernegy for a greener future in order to enable our communities to co-exist peacefully with our natural enviroment in a polution free world.

Our Mission

To keep our clients on par with new,smater and efficient technologies in the electrical ernegy sector.


  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 65% 65%
  • Investor Engagement 60% 60%
  • Customer Happiness 89% 89%

Ulwazi Energy Technologies

 A passion for service excellence and adherence to innovative technological advancements.

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