Tino Mambeu.

Chief Executive Officer

He is the founding shareholder of Ulwazi Energy Technologies and is the Chief Executive Officer.

Tino Mambeu is a dynamic renewable energy enthusiast… he is the founding member of Ulwazi energy tech with the soul aim of providing clean energy to the African market.

Tino has more than ten years experience in the field of electrical engineering contracting work spanning the housing, commercial and industrial fraternity. He is also a director of a Nigerian Firm (Alternative Power Generation Nigeria Ltd ) which has vast interests in the renewable energy solutions.

 Dr. Shingi Albert Munyeza


 Dr. Shingi Albert Munyeza’s business, professional and leadership trajectory positioned him to become multi-skilled and multi-gifted in the economic and business concepts of Accounting, financing, Advertising, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism. Having won numerous awards for his dedicated work toward business growth and over 3 decades at the helm of some of the biggest organisations in Zimbabwe, Dr. Shingi Albert Munyeza has directed his years of experience, into entrepreneur ventures that uplift the national image of Zimbabwe. His diverse knowledge, experience and expertise in
Finance, Accounts, Auditing, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, lands directly into strategic partnerships designed and curated to rebuild a stronger economic foundation for the country.

Accelerating Zimbabwe’s journey toward economic rebirth and stability, Vinal Investments PrivateLimited, led by Dr. Shingi Albert Munyeza, has established 4 well placed partnerships with (1) Raizcorp, a world class-entrepreneurship incubation programme and Africa’s biggest Entrepreneurship incubator accelerating success amongst young entrepreneurs; (2) Cashbackpoint (Pty) Limited, an international organisation harnessing the ICT and e-commerce venture of doing business, bringing consumers, merchants, retailers and financial services sector into one integrated platform and (3) Gloatus Solar, an organisation set to address the power deficit that Zimbabwe faces, by providing businesses and communities with simple, affordable and clean solar energy. (4) Rapid Concepts, a Systems Development Company with a strong bias towards ticketing and related business with the main focus being provision of end to end solutions supporting customer interfacing, back-end and admin functionality, (5) Vinal Hospitality, handling all the legacy hospitality and tourism investments including world class food franchises.

Shingi Munyeza continues to contribute to the socio-economic growth of Zimbabwe and sub-Saharan Africa and his ultimate goal is to leave the world a better place for those he serves.

Shingi Zimuto

Technical Director

Shingi is the Technical Director at Ulwazi Energy Technologies.

Shingi has been involved in over 1MW worth of solar projects ranging from grid-tied solar farms to stand alone rooftop installations and within the residential, commercial and industrial space as part of the design, planning and execution teams.

He is an electrical Engineer with experience in large, medium and small-scale solar systems with the bulk of his experience being in off grid and hybrid Solar systems.

Shingi is a design engineer specializing in the field of Renewable energy. His progressive insight on the energy sector has brought about fruition of a fully functional Electric Bicycle concept for implementation within Southern Africa. Having attained an accolade for being among the top students in Electrical Engineering added upon by his recognition into the Academic Honor Roll.

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