Why choose us

Why choose Ulwazi

  1. Unwavering commitment to governing standards SANS 10142
  2. Reliable workmanship and speedy response
  3. Quality products
  4. Commitment to schedules and set dates
  5. Continuous updates on project progress
  6. Adherence to safety standards- no to unsafe work
  7. We are registered with the department of labor, Reg No: GS01977
  8. We are registered with the ECASA Reg No: SW2340

In Short:

Ulwazi Energy Technologies strives to be the leader in any task that is undertaken, as our involvement is to deal with professional clients and we have to provide a professional service, taking into consideration our first priority which is safety to human life , environment on which all life depends on and to protect all that is within it. We are Ulwazi Energy Technologies for Africa, from Africa and with a passion for service excellence and adherence to innovative technological advancements.

Value Statement, Vision & Mission

Guided by the principles within our orga nizationa l culture, Our Vision is to unleash and improve economic, human resources and institutional capacity amongst a ll sections of the population of Sub Sa haran Africa focusing mainly on the previously marginalized populations. We will train, develop and impart knowledge to a ll sta keholders and partners to enable an environment that is conducive for competitive growth.

In the spirit of our Vision, we seek to develop strategies, facilitate innovative interventions, building terrestria l capacity within the economies of our region.

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